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Eilide Fire #ELYB4 Fire Extinguisher Ball

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Innovation in fire safety a revolutionary self activating device designed to extinguish fire providing a much needed additional line of defense for fighting fires. Passive use EFB is mounted in areas of concern where a possible fire can occur. Examples: switchboard and circuit control system, electric appliance areas, electrical outlet, deteriorated or damaged electrical wire areas, battery power bank, lithium-ion battery charger, engine room, kitchen, boiler room, washer and dryer. Active use EFB is thrown, flown, released or launched into an active fire. Weather in a fixed position providing 24/7 coverage or used manually the patented elide fire extinguishing ball allows any user to mitigate a fire.

  • Revolutionary self-activating device designed to extinguish fire
  • Lightweight shell made from rigid plastic foam with an abrasion-resistant
  • Rapid activation time with flame 3 to 5 second
  • Extinguishes type A fires involving solid materials such as wood, paper or textiles
  • Extinguishes type B fires involving flammable liquids such as petroleum, diesel or oils and gases
  • Extinguishes type C fires involving live electrical apparatus
  • Ecological non toxic environmental friendly

Brand Name: Eilide Fire
Product Type: Fire Extinguisher Ball
Application: Home/Workshops/business/boating 
Bottle Volume: 1.1 lbs.
Color: Blue
Coverage Area: 19 sq ft.
Diameter: 4 in.
Extinguishing Agent: Monoammonium Phosphate
Fire Type Rating: A/B/C
Light and Portable 2.86 lbs.
Material: Plastic Foam Shell
Mounting Brackets: Yes
Weight 1.5 lbs.


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